Wednesday, April 8, 2015

How's This?

Every day hundreds of thousands of people get on the internet to browse, shop, stream, listen, and just about anything else you might want to do to occupy your time. As more and more people browse the web, it become more and more reasonable for the average Joe to create their own webpage, but how should our average Joe design his page? Webpages in today's world can act as a digital portfolio where any individual can learn everything they need to know about any given individual that hosts a page; so you want your webpage to look perfect right? But HOW do you make it look perfect. There is no guide on how to make your webpage look like a standard webpage because there is no such thing! Yes, there are common things like you should have the title as the top in big letters with the navigation in close proximity, but how you lay everything out on the site is totally up to you. So whats the point? Yes there is no standard way to organize a webpage so what? The point is, how do you know if you have an effective webpage? How do you know you organized things in a way such that it is easy to read and that you used the right colors and that you used the right font and you chose a fitting name, is there even a way to tell? I would argue there is not. I think that an effective webpage all depends on the purpose of the webpage and the choices that are made should reflect either the person, movement, organization, or cause that is publishing the page; and that is the beauty of it. There is no right way to do it, just the way that you think reflects whatever you are trying to portray well.
A webpage is certainly a professional way to promote yourself or an organization, but in a sense a webpage is a work of art that is slowly and thoughtfully crafted until the final piece seems perfect. So what does that mean for you? It means you have the power sitting in front of you right now to go out and add some art to the world.

Bloggers Blogging about Bloggers Blogging

Fred First
Rebecca Blood is an acclaimed blogger that blogs about a number of things that interest her. Through the years, Rebecca has also interviewed bloggers about blogging and then blogged about those bloggers blogs and why they do it; it's quite the tongue twister I know. One interview that Rebecca conducted that I found interesting was her interview with Fred First, the owner of the blog Fragments from Floyd. Fred is a 58 year old (as of 2006) blogger from Floyd County, in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Southern Virginia.
When reading Rebecca's interview with Fred, the first thing that really interested me was his remarks about why he started blogging. Fred, in the interview, talks about how he started blogging initially as an outlet to get out his frustrations with the way his peers in the professional world were treating him. As someone that has never really been into blogging or had much exposure to them, I found this interesting because I had always assumed that blogs were about things that were happening in the world and what people thought about them. Fred viewed blogs in a different light, however, and utilized his blog as a medium for all of the people of the world to listen to his struggles in his professional life. As the interview continues, Rebecca also asks how Fred has changed his blog over time. I found Fred's response to this question pretty funny and also very humbling. Fred notes that the initial goal of his blog was to tell a story of his frustrations with life as well as to just talk about anything that he was immersed in at the time. Fred continues to talk about how he had received an email at one time about how one of his readers disliked something that Fred had blogged about and warned Fred that if he did not change his blogging topics that he would lose them as a reader. As a general statement, how rude! I am all for people sharing their opinions, but if you're not asked for it and you know you are not going to give positive feedback, keep it to yourself people! The thing that really made me smile though was how Fred explained that he reacted to the email. He states that he never actually responded to the email, but instead he wrote out a hypothetical response that had a very sassy tone to it and to summarize said, if my blog doesn't please you then stop reading it! He continues to explain that his blog has never been about pleasing people, it has always been the same from the start: to tell his own story.
Fred seems like a pretty humble man and holds more degrees than you would ever imagine having time to get. His interview is one worth reading and his blog gives you a peak into the life of an intelligent man with nothing to do in a small mountain town besides blog and watch nature.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

First Post

This is my first post for IMS/SPC 260 Introduction To New Media! Go check out my homepage here: